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SCI launches webinar series

SCI webinar

SCI’s vibrant communities have always been hubs for learning and exchange of knowledge. That is why we are pleased to announce that many of our groups are now sharing content via webinar.

Our Fine Chemicals Group and Young Chemists’ Panel will showcase work previously shared within their groups, bringing it to a wider audience. Attendees will get a unique opportunity to gain access to some of the latest thinking and research coming out of these two groups. The webinars will be held on Tuesday afternoons, the first one taking place on Tuesday 5 May 2020 at 15:00 (UK time). Attendees will get to hear presentations, either having one of 45 minutes duration or two lasting 25 minutes each. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion. The whole event will run for approximately 75 minutes.

Our first webinar will feature Dr Vicky Steadman who is General Manager of Eurofins Integrated Discovery UK Ltd. She will be sharing her teams work on the discovery of a potent and orally bioavailable macrocyclic cyclophilin Inhibitor. Cyclophilins are a family of proteins which are involved in a range of biological processes as well as being implicated in a number of diseases including Hepatitis C and COVID-19.


For more on the webinars and your opportunity to register for these free events visit: FCG and YCP webinar series.


Caroline Low, PhD, FRSC CChem, Drug Design Consultant a member of the SCI Fine Chemicals Group organizing committee said ‘We had planned to run a full program of conferences throughout 2020. Unfortunately, we have had to postpone many of these events and although we can no longer meet face to face, we would like to support our fellow scientists through these turbulent times whilst they are working from home or in changed circumstances. We will take this opportunity to showcase the quality of chemistry presented at our meetings - drawing from medicinal & agrochemical chemistry, to organic synthesis and technology and hope you enjoy sampling some of these excellent presentations. We also hope the webinar series will serve to support the training and development of our community.’

With momentum growing to ensure that SCI’s members remain in contact and up-to-date on a whole range of developments, we will also be hosting several other webinars around themes such as energy, materials and agri-food.

On Thursday 14 May at 11:00 our Energy Group will get a briefing on the Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre (IDRIC) given by Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer who will outline IDRIC’s work to decarbonise the UK’s largest six industrial clusters.

We are also excited to announce a series of online workshops on computational tools for drug discovery taking place at 15:00 on consecutive Wednesdays from 6 May.

For more information and how to register please visit:

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