Jordi Bordonaba – growing through SCI

After working on his agricultural engineering degree in Spain, Jordi Gine Bordonaba undertook an MSc in environmental diagnostics at Cranfield University (CU). Immediately after that, Jordi joined the Plant Science Laboratory at Cranfield to conduct his PhD on improving the quality control of soft fruits. Now a member of SCI’s Horticulture Group, he tells us more about the work he does for SCI.

Jordi, what first interested you in horticulture?
JGB: Until recently, I was more into food science than horticulture, but my research and diversity of work carried out at the Plant Science Laboratory at Cranfield, has given me the chance to combine both areas, and to become increasingly interested in general horticulture.

How did this lead you to become involved with SCI’s Horticulture Group?
JGB: Over the last three years, myself and colleagues from the Plant Science Laboratory have benefited from being members of SCI; we’ve received assistance through travel grants to attend conferences and have participated in events organised by different SCI groups. After having some initial contact with members of the Horticulture Group and getting to know their interests, I decided I could bring something to the Horticulture Group Committee and, of course, learn and benefit from it.

What do you feel you get from working with SCI?
JGB: Coming towards the end of my PhD it has been a valuable experience so far, not only for networking and getting to know people in the horticultural field, but also to learn how a Society like SCI and one of its Committees works on a daily basis.

What do you do for the Group now?
JGB: Since I first joined the Group a few months ago, I became involved in the organisation of the SCI/Cranfield event ‘From field to fork: how to improve the quality of fruits and vegetables’ held on 17 November 2009. Hopefully more opportunities to get involved in a diverse range of activities within the Group will come in the future.

So you’re organising your first event then?
JGB: Yes, with the support of SCI, my supervisor Dr Leon Terry, and colleagues from the Plant Science Laboratory. Nowadays, growing consumer awareness regarding food quality, nutrition and safety issues has created a competitive environment in the food sector in which the producer is encouraged to supply fruits and vegetables with enhanced flavour or added nutritional value. So our event aims to describe some of the current technologies used to improved the quality of fruits and vegetables at any point through the chain, and also to bring together young scientist and industry representatives.

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