Horticulture Group

Message from the Chair

David Atkinson


The SCI Horticulture Group brings together those interested in the subject from across the industry from those carrying out research on horticultural plants to those responsible for producing fruits and vegetable and ornamental plants for sale. Horticulture is among the most varied of our activities as it brings together science from the molecular to the whole plant and crop levels, ways of producing food and ornamental crops at significant scales both using mechanisation and people skills, product storage, packaging, delivery systems and both direct and online selling. This range of activities require co-operation with others active in a range of science societies and professional bodes and with the many groups who make up SCI. We are thus interested in making links and are happy to hear both from those who would like to join us as members of the group and those who would be keen to co-operate with us. We recognise that we are in a world where Covid19 seems likely to be a factor for the foreseeable future. Working in the Covid19 World will need significant adjustments and identifying these for horticulture is one of our top priorities as a group.

Meet the Committee Officers

Dr Alison Foster


Juniper Kiss


In brief

SCI’s Horticulture Group helps to turn horticultural science into business practice – by building links between higher education establishments, botanic gardens, growers and producers of horticultural crops and associated supply companies. We do this through career support as well as holding forum for discussion on issues relevant to the full range of horticulture-related industries, public authorities, academics and other interested parties.