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Compositional Analysis - Past Papers

lipids scientist

20 July 2013

Conference Papers

Dr Julius Lewkowitsch award lecture: Three and Four mass spectrometers in parallel for lipid analysis - How many instruments are enough? Part 1Part 2 and Part 3, Dr Craig Byrdwell, United States Department of Agriculture, USA

Development of an offline bi-dimensional HPLC method for analysis of stereospecific triacylglycerols,  Ms Sheida Kadivar, Ghent University, Belgium

Applications of FT-NIR in the edible oil industry, Mrs Dagmar Behmer, Bruker Optik, Germany

Lipid Profiling Using Sub-2μm Particle CO2 Based Supercritical Chromatography Mass Spectrometry, Mr Giorgis Isaac, Water Corporation, UK

Novel comprehensive chromatographic techniques for detailed analysis of the minor and major components of edible oils and fats, Prof Hans-Gerd Janssen, Unilever, Netherlands

Mediator lipidomics: dissecting the role of PUFA mediators, Prof Anna Nicolaou, University of Bradford, UK

Recent developments in the analysis of MCPD esters and glycidyl esters in edible oils and fats, Dr Jan Kuhlmann, SGS Hamburg, Germany

Contaminants of oils and fats: analysis and regulations, Dr Florence Lacoste, ITERG, France

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