Nada Abuknesha reports from the 19th Euro Fed Lipid Congress

24 October 2023

'I was thrilled and honoured to win the Young Lipid Scientist Award 2023 presented by the SCI Lipids Group committee. I presented some of my PhD research findings to the committee at the historic SCI HQ in London in July this year. I would like to thank the SCI Lipids Group for sponsoring my attendance and offering me the opportunity to present at the 19th Euro Fed Lipid Congress in Poznan, Poland in September 2023.'

Nada Abuknesha, Young Lipid Scientist Award winner

Nada Abuknesha, Young Lipid Scientist Award winner 2023, presenting at the 19th Euro Fed Lipid Conference in Poland'As my research involved investigating omega-3 fatty acid supplementation as an add-on therapy in adjunct with anti-epileptic drug treatment to treat uncontrollable seizures in drug-resistant epilepsy, the ‘Health, Nutrition and Disease’ session was a perfect opportunity to learn about the new research in the field. As the hot topic of the moment is gut health, I was very interested to hear the keynote lecture ‘Gut-related Metabolic effects of Food-derived Polar Lipids from Plants and Animal Sources.’

Some personal highlights from the session were the short talks ‘Fatty Acid Supplementation for Inflammatory Modulation: A cell Model of Precision Nutraceuticals and Membrane Lipid Therapy in Dermatology,’ ‘Higher Fat intake as a Solution for Weight Management? Ketogenic Diet and Obesity,’ and ‘Is Short Chain Fatty Acids Good for Maintaining Brain Health?’ These talks caught my attention as I could spot many parallels between my own research and theirs; for example: the ketogenic diet is offered as a non-pharmacological option for patients with drug-resistant epilepsy to treat their seizures. Also, it is widely accepted that the long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are necessary for maintaining neurological health- therefore it was very thought-provoking to hear of how short-chain fatty acids could also potentially be good for brain health.

'As I am at an early stage of my research career, attending the Euro Fed Congress was an excellent opportunity for me to gain further confidence in communicating and disseminating my research to a large audience in a concise and clear manner. In addition, to be asked questions from leading experts in the field- it is always interesting to me to hear other viewpoints regarding my findings as it is never one and the same! I would thoroughly recommend all PhD researchers, particularly those who are at the final stages of their degree program to apply for the award as it will give you vital preparation and practice for your final viva.'

Nada Abuknesha
PhD student
London Metropolitan University

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