Introducing Liverpool and North West prize winner, Harry Thomas

21 November 2018

Harry won the Best second year student on the Chemistry programme prize.

Harry chose to study Chemistry at university because during his A-levels, he was fascinated to learn about the underlying science behind many chemical reactions and concepts and he enjoyed being able to apply his understanding of chemistry to different and sometimes challenging problems.

This motivated Harry to carry on studying chemistry at university. Harry finds the chemistry course at Lancaster University fantastic and the material learnt is very interesting and the lecturers are excellent. He has particularly enjoyed the synthetic labs he has undertaken as part of the organic and inorganic modules.

Harry wants to do a PhD and go into research but he is unsure which area of research he would like to pursue.

Harry is a cat lover and likes baking. Whilst he has been living in Germany during the summer, as part of the RISE summer internship scheme, he has learnt that the burnished crust from pretzels comes from them being dipped in strong alkaline solution (typically lye is used) which facilitates the Maillard reaction, an interesting application of chemistry.

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