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Introducing Liverpool and North West prize winner, Joanne Ly

Joanne Ly

21 Nov 2018

Joanne was awarded the BSc Chemistry with Industrial Experience prize.

Joanne chose chemistry as she has always wanted to work in a laboratory environment. During secondary school, chemistry was one of her favourite subjects, mostly due to the practical side of the subject and the ongoing discoveries that helped her understand the world better.

Joanne had not heard of an industrial year until she was in her 1st year of university but immediately wanted to pursue this path as she was excited to get to know the lab experience outside of the academic labs as well as boosting her confidence working in the laboratory setting.

Joanne has enjoyed the experience so far as a student, both academically and socially, and it is an experience that will help shape her career and character.

Joanne hopes to go on to complete a Master’s degree and attain a job as an analytical scientist to keep her both physically and mentally engaged.

In her spare time she likes to keep fit by cross country running and playing badminton.

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