Introducing Liverpool and North West prize winner, Monique Munro

21 November 2018

Monique won the Best second year student on the BEng/MEng Chemical Engineering degree course prize.

Monique was drawn to Chemical Engineering because it not only involves her favourite subjects of maths, chemistry and physics but it equally satisfies her enquiring mind which thrives on the satisfaction of finding solutions to difficult and complex issues that Chemical Engineering demands.

Monique has found the course thoroughly enjoyable as it has presented her with new perspectives on aspects of daily life which appear simple in principle but are really complex by nature. Studying Chemical Engineering has built up her resilience given the challenge with dyslexia. It means that she has had to be tenacious in trying and adapting different strategies to assist her learning.

Monique looks forward to exploring her options after she graduates. Monique’s two summer work placements have exposed her to Process Safety Management at an upper tier COMAH site and Production Engineering both of which she thoroughly enjoyed.

In her free time, Monique engages the creative side of her brain. Having played in orchestras, she still enjoys playing the cello. She has taught herself to crochet and sew and takes great pleasure in making items on her sewing machine.

Apart from senseless discrimination, she has no dislikes that readily spring to mind. She does have an intense frustration as she enjoys the taste of grapefruit even though she is allergic to it.

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