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SCI Composites 2017: New Materials & Designs, New Uses & Strategies – preview

SCI Composites 2017- New Materials & Designs, New Uses & Strategies 13 September 2017

7 June 2017

Venue: SCI, London, UK
Date: Wednesday 13 September 2017

SCI’s Materials Chemistry group is pleased to present SCI Composites 2017: New Materials & Designs, New Uses & Strategies, a day which will include presentation of the Beilby Medal and Prize 2017 to Associate Professor Ken Tye Yong.

This meeting aims to bring together people working in all facets of composites - commercial, scientific and technical. It will offer a one-stop opportunity to update on the latest developments, network and partner with representatives from all aspects of the field. The day will include aspects of: fibres & fillers, matrix compounds, surfaces & interfaces, plus mechanical properties in applications as wide ranging as aerospace, automotive, biomedical and electronic industries and end-of-life strategies.

In addition to a talk from Beilby Medal recipient, Associate Professor Ken Tye Yong, confirmed speakers and topics for the day include:

Structural Composites:

  • Nano-modifying adhesives and composites: A combined multi-scale experimental and numerical study
    Alojz Ivankovic, University College Dublin, Ireland
  • End of life composites: A lesson from rubber
    Martyn Bennett, ARTIS/Avon Rubber, UK
  • Towards erosion-resistant ceramic-metallic coatings for epoxy/carbon fibre composites
    Gordon Armstrong, University of Limerick
    Axelle Elrikh, Armelle Vardelle, Simon Goutier, University of Limoge

Functional Composites in Sensing & Security:

  • 3D Printing and Composite Materials
    David Birkett, Henkel Adhesive Technologies, Ireland
  • Composite Polycrystalline Ceramic Scintillators For Neutron Detection
    Brett Castle and Andrew Watt, University of Oxford, UK
  • A Porous Carbon-Carbon Composite Based Sensor for Toxic Threat Detection
    Jim Wilson DSTL and Bob Bradley, University of Oxford, UK

This meeting will be of interest to scientists, engineers, R&D and fund managers, strategists and anyone requiring an overview or update on composite science and technology, for example, for CPD purposes or for sales and marketing background.

SCI members attending this meeting are able to claim CPD points.

CPD Accreditation

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