SCI Materials Science Early Career Forum: Networking Event and Symposium 2018 - event preview

19 July 2018

Venue: SCI, London, UK
Date: Friday 1 October 2018

Materials Science is at the forefront of much of the most interesting areas of research and industry in the UK. The breadth and depth of current research and career possibilities across the field will be on display in the second of this annual series of events. A range of private and public companies, as well as professional bodies, will be present to provide attendees the best insight into job opportunities in both academia and industry.

In addition to our keynote speeches, there will be short talks and poster presentations from Early Career Researchers (ECRs).

This event will be an opportunity for ECRs to learn about all the cutting-edge research being done in the field, demonstrate their own research, and take the chance to network, developing their professional skills in a relaxed but stimulating atmosphere. This afternoon symposium will be followed by a networking barbecue.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Professor Sandrine Heutz, Imperial College London
  • Professor Heutz’ recent work has focused on the magnetic properties of molecular thin films, spintronic applications, novel fabrication methods for oxides, and nanowire devices. She has also been working to explore surfaces in collaboration with BP-ICAM.

  • Dr Alison Paul, Cardiff University
  • Dr Paul’s current projects include the targeted synthesis of both model and therapeutically relevant polymer-drug and polymer-protein conjugates, and their extensive characterisation by NMR, UV- VIS/IR/fluorescence spectroscopy.

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