Food security and sustainable production of horticultural crops in the UK

16 May 2014

One of the main goals of SCI is to connect science and business and to promote awareness of the benefit of the application of chemistry and related sciences for human welfare, so in order to help achieve these goals the Process Engineering Group is organising an evening lecture related to the food industry and food science. This can be an opportunity to meet up, interact and network.

Thus the subject 'Food security and sustainable production of horticultural crops in the UK' and the question to be addressed, 'How are we going to produce more vegetables in the UK?' aim to increase awareness on things outside the text books.

People should be aware of increasing the inclusion of vegetables in their diets, and the food industry and food research institutes should work on providing more attractive, nutrient-dense and flavoursome produce as well as increasing crop yields and reducing food waste.

Last but not least, as part of the food science, food technology and related professions in industry, academia and government, we must keep an eye on satisfying future food supply necessities throughout the world and ensuring its safety and wholesomeness.

Speaker invited: Dr Carol Wagstaff of the University of Reading, Leader of Crop Quality for Health theme in the Centre for Food Security.

Gabriel Finten, on behalf of the Process Engineering Group

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