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Biofuels: technology meets strategy - conference papers

Biofuels offer the potential for fuel supply security and fighting global warming

This item first appeared in 2008

Presentations from the 20 May 2008 conference held in London

These are testing times for the fuel industry. Fuel use is concentrated in the sectors that simply cannot live without it and recent events have contributed to a decrease in the extraction of fuels as a whole, thereby limiting its supply. The result has been an escalation in fuel prices. Furthermore, the EU and US are concerned about the security of fuel supply, as today’s main sources of fuel lie outside of their borders. An important by-product of this situation is that it has encouraged the investigation into viable substitute fuel sources; one of which includes biofuels.

The seminar discussed two main areas - the ‘technological development’ where first, second and third-generation biofuels will be examined and also ‘how technological issues drive business strategies’.

10.15 Introduction and Welcome
Dr Carlos Harrison, WorleyParsons Europe, UK
10.30 Bioethanol: Challenges and Opportunities (pdf 2Mb)
Prof Graeme Walker, University of Abertay, UK
11.15 Biodiesel: Production from Non-Food Crops (pdf 30Kb)
Dr Brian Dobson, D1 Oils plc, UK
13.00 Biomass: The Future of Biofuels (pdf 900Kb)
Prof Tony Bridgwater, Aston University, UK
13.45 Metabolic Engineering of New Routes to Biofuels (pdf 800Kb)
Dr Stephen Wilkinson, University of Manchester, UK
14.30 Biofuels: The Motor Industry Perspective (pdf 60Kb)
Mr David Lemon, David Lemon Consultants, UK
15.45 Biofuels: Turning Policy into Legislation (pdf 1.2Mb)
Mr Howard Emmens, Department for Transport, UK

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