SCI Elections 2017: thinking of standing?

25 April 2017

26 Apr 2017

The process is now open for members to put themselves forward as candidates for election to a number of roles in governance. SCI has a new vigour and a clear strategic direction. To succeed in creating impact and value for all our members and stakeholders, SCI needs the expertise and enthusiasm of its members. The elections offer members the opportunity to take on leadership roles in the governance of the Society.

SCI’s governance has been reviewed and this has resulted in a number of changes now being implemented. In addition to the information about the elections and positions already available, further details are provided here.

General points
Members standing for election are expected to bring relevant competences, connections, experience and insights, and to be willing to take part in certain working parties or projects. Elected positions are held for three years. There are also appointed/co-opted places on governance committees.
The Charity Commission outlines six principles of good governance that apply to any role in governance and these should be maxims for all involved:

  • Understand the role
  • Deliver the mission
  • Work as individuals and as a team
  • Control effectively
  • Behave with integrity
  • Be open and accountable

Committees generally meet four or, in the case of the Board, five times a year.  Meetings are held at 14/15 Belgrave Square, generally from mid-morning to early afternoon to allow for travel. While attendance in person is the norm (reasonable expenses are available) joining by teleconference is acceptable occasionally, if unavoidable.

Board of Trustees
The SCI Board of Trustees has overall responsibility and authority for all activities of the Society. Trustees have a fiduciary duty to always act in the best interests of SCI and must be willing and able to exert the highest standards of care for the Society and its assets.
The role of the Board covers areas including strategy, finance, administration and membership, delegating certain responsibilities to the Executive Director and to other governance committees.
Three positions on the Board are available from the total of 15 elected places.
The Chair of the Board of Trustees is Dr Alan Baylis.

Finance and Investment Committee (FIAC)
FIAC advises the Board on all financial matters and investments. This includes reviewing proposals for operational and capital expenditure in the annual budget and ensuring that the Society’s investments are making the best possible returns. FIAC has certain delegated responsibilities including approving expenditure up to agreed limits. FIAC also advises the Board on IT policy and utilisation of 14/15 Belgrave Square.
Two positions on FIAC are available for election this year from the total of 13 places.
The Finance and Investment Committee (FIAC) is chaired by Dr Geoff Fowler. 

Members Committee
The Members Committee will inform and advise the Board of Trustees principally on ways and means of enhancing the value of SCI membership. This will involve working with the Executive to conduct regular surveys of SCI members, seeking information and reviewing this to be able to inform and advise the Board accordingly.  Subject to agreement by the Board and the availability of necessary resources, particular projects will be pursued to fully inform any subsequent decisions.
Other roles will include making proposals for worthy recipients of the Lampitt Medal and Distinguished Service Awards.
Four elected positions on the Members Committee are available from the total of 10 places.
Initially, the chair will be an appointed position. Prior to any announcement, for more information please contact the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Dr Alan Baylis.

Publications Committee
The Publications Committee will continue the work of the previous standing committee on publications (PAC), but has been reconstituted to integrate better with SCI’s publications by appointing the editors or their representatives to the committee.
Publications are SCI’s most important source of income and the committee will advise the Board on all activities and strategies covering the journals and C&I.  Amongst the committee’s particular responsibilities will be to identify and appraise new opportunities and threats; to ensure alignment with SCI’s objectives and strategy; and to monitor the relationship with our publishing partners.
Two elected positions on the Publications Committee are available from the total of 10 places.
The chair will be an appointed position. The interim chair is Dr Peter Hambleton.

For more information, please contact the chairs of committees of interest, who can be reached via or executive director, Sharon Todd at

Dr Alan Baylis
Chair, SCI Board of Trustees

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