Brexit - the implications for science based industries and innovation

Following the Brexit decision in June, there has been a lot of discussion on what the outcome is going to be.

Being in the unique position of working at the interface between science and industry, conducting a range of activities that focus on supporting innovation and the commercialisation of science, SCI is well placed to contribute to this debate from the perspective of science based industries and innovation.

In response to a call from the Scientific Select Committee SCI presented a written submission, highlighting the following key points:

  • Critical issues to be addressed are the availability of STEM graduates and the need to ensure an ongoing innovation infrastructure to support the economic development of science based industry.
  • Key in the negotiations will be to ensure the UK does not become bound by any arrangements that may hinder its ability to trade freely and be a competitive place to establish, invest in and grow science based businesses. 
  • Opportunities exist to create value from accelerating the focus on innovation and exploiting the UK’s world class science base to support science based start-ups and established businesses. 
  • If the UK is to maintain and enhance its position as an attractive place to establish and grow science based business, Government needs to ensure the key support mechanisms of competitively priced energy provision, efficient infrastructure, financial incentives and access to the best talent and skills are in place.
  • Ongoing investment is required in the innovation infrastructure. This must be of a long-term nature and a review should be carried out to determine whether the current levels of investment need to be increased to ensure the UK is competitive in a global context.
  • It is imperative that support to short and long term collaboration between small and large businesses, universities and research organisation across the EU and beyond is a core part of the UK industrial strategy.

If you would like to read the full submission, please contact,

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