SCI building the case for Chemical Science

23 Jan 2013

SCI has partnered with other organisations to build the Case for the Chemical Sciences to persuade the UK Government of the importance of continued investment in chemical sciences research and related innovation support (e.g. Technology Strategy Board and Knowledge Transfer Network programmes, internships, Industrial CASE awards).  The other organisations involved are the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), the Chemical Industries Association (CIA), the Chemistry Innovation Knowledge Transfer Network (CIKTN) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

The key message we want to present is that investment in the chemical sciences and related innovation support underpins growth in the chemistry-using industries which includes chemical and pharma sectors but also impacts on downstream sectors such as automotive and aerospace. Chemical sciences enable sectors which have the potential to drive significant growth in the economy but this requires consistent, long-term investment.

The aim is to build up a bank of statistics and case studies which can be drawn on for communications to Government in the lead up to the budget and the spending review so the timeframe is urgent.

I am asking for your help to identify compelling case studies of how research into chemical and related sciences has resulted in measurable outcomes, ideally in terms of patents, new technologies, establishment of new businesses, jobs etc. Please refer to the case study template (downloadable below) for guidance on the type of information being sought. If you are aware of fully formed, published case studies or reports, these would be ideal. Outline stories would also be useful, especially if you can provide a contact who is willing to be interviewed to elicit further information. Useful material will also have been published in C&I and I will be checking past issues but please do draw my attention to stories you feel are particularly compelling.

Please respond by 1 Feb 2013 to

Even if you cannot meet the immediate timeframe, these types of case studies will always be useful and can be drawn on for future so do please continue to forward relevant information after this date.

Joanne Lyall
Executive Director 2010-13, SCI

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