Applied Synthesis: synthetic chemistry solutions

‘Applied Synthesis’, hosted by the SCI Young Chemists’ Panel on 21 September 2009 aimed to demonstrate the power of synthetic chemistry in an applied environment. The industrial application of synthetic chemistry was addressed by case studies from a variety of perspectives. Gerry Rassias from GlaxoSmithKline will discuss the evaluation and development of routes of manufacture of a privileged benzopyran intermediate.

Matt Selby from Pfizer detailed synthetic approaches towards the recently launched drug maraviroc (Selzentry), which forms a pivotal part of the novel joint venture between GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer to tackle HIV. The challenges in identifying workable, large-scale ‘green’ drug syntheses were considered by Peter Dunn from Pfizer as he detailed routes to three billion-dollar sellers (Viagra, Lipitor and Lyrica) while Dave Wilkinson from Astrazeneca highlighted the challenges involved in the radio-labelled synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds.

Academic viewpoints were provided by Paul O’Neill from Liverpool University, presenting the design and subsequent candidate selection of endoperoxidase antimalarial drugs. The keynote address was delivered by Johann Mulzer from the University of Vienna on the total syntheses of structurally demanding and biologically interesting natural products.

The conference featured examples of cutting edge synthetic chemistry from industry and academia, targeted at solving real world problems.

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