Chemistry-fuelled Growth of the UK Economy

Duration: 43:24 | 2 July 2013
Paul Booth OBE

Mr Booth talked about a Strategy for delivering chemistry-fuelled growth of the UK economy. He explained the strategic priorities which will enable the chemistry using industries to increase their gross value added contribution to the economy by 50% to £300bn by 2030:

  • Secure and competitive energy and feedstocks
  • Accelerated innovation
  • Reinforced and rebuilt chemistry supply chains.

He emphasised that SCI has an important role to play in implementing the strategy, drawing on our multi-disciplinary network and knowledge.

Mr Booth built on the successful Annual Summer Lecture he delivered following the AGM last year when he talked about the need to connect within the chemical industry and more broadly in order to achieve a commercial and environmentally sustainable way to facilitate the re-emergence of the chemical industry in the UK.

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