Hans Bolliger

Hans R Bolliger (1918 - 1976) was an active Member of SCI, being inaugural Chairman of the Society's Health and Safety Group and Chairman of the Manchester Section (the precursor to Liverpool and North West) from 1966-1969.

Born in Switzerland, Bolliger studied at Basel University and Iowa State College, USA. In 1952 he began working as a Research Chemist at CIBA in Basel, and in 1955 he moved to the UK where he became Research and Development Director of Clayton Aniline Co Ltd.

Bolliger's 23-year career with the famous CIBA Group was focused on the research, development and production of dyestuffs. The products he developed and distributed helped to change the world of formation and finishing. Samples of yarns and fabrics dyed with Clayton Products are now held in an archive in the Heriot-Watt University Archives, Edinburgh.

Hans Bolliger's popular leadership of SCI is commemorated in a Memorial Lecture.

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