Public Outreach

An important part of SCI's charitable objectives is to contribute to the public understanding of science. We do this through our public lectures and SCItalks programme.

Public Evening Lectures

For over a decade, SCI has been delivering the free Public Evening Lecture Programme, hosted in Belgrave Square and streamed to partner institutions. The Public Evening Lecture Programme was established to provide a means of communicating the latest developments in science and technology in a manner which is both interesting and informative.

At SCI we believe that this approach can assist public understanding of key issues which face our society and it is crucial to underline the importance of employing evidence-based science to support statements and positions.

Public Evening Lectures are free and open to all. They are part of an SCI’s charitable outreach that aims to reach members of the public and provide discourse on science-based topics and relevant popular subjects in an accessible way.

Previous speakers include Lord Lawson, Dame Sally Davies, Lord Krebs, Helen Sharman, Sir Paul Nurse, and Sir Brian Hoskins. The lectures can be streamed live to other institutions, such as Universities, who have partnered with SCI to present the Public Evening Lectures as part of their public outreach programme.

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Public Evening Lecture videos

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SCItalks is a complementary programme to the established Public Evening Lecture series, providing regular online webinars for anyone who is interested to hear from some of the chemistry sector’s most prominent and influential people, and put questions to them. Human health, climate change, crop protection, and air quality are just some of the many challenges that the world is facing. If you are interested in finding out how chemistry is impacting on these pressing issues, and more, then the new SCItalks series is for you.