Rideal Travel Bursary recipient, Adnan Chakra, reports from Italy

30 January 2024

Adnan Chakra was awarded a Rideal Travel Bursary to attend the European Colloid & Interface Society in Naples, Italy. Here he tells us about his research and his highlights from the conference. Read his report below.

Andan Chakra"I am Adnan Chakra, a final year PhD student at Loughborough University, currently a visiting researcher at UCL. I am a part of the Particle Microfluidics Group led by Dr. Guido Bolognesi and Dr Goran T. Vladisavljević. My research focuses on the intricate manipulation of nanoparticles in microfluidic channels using the fascinating phenomenon of diffusiophoresis.

"My recent experience at the European Colloids and Interface Society (ECIS 2023), held in Naples, Italy, from September 3rd to 8th, marked my third international conference presentation, though it was undoubtedly the most relevant to my area of expertise. I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to present my research and engage with a diverse and inquisitive audience, who posed intriguing questions about my work. These questions have led me to formulate more ideas with regards to future work. I was also particularly pleased to find that the conference theme was suitable to my area of research.

"Engaging with fellow researchers, both early career and experts, who share a passion for science provided invaluable insights and fresh perspectives. The interactions I had during breaks and at the poster sessions allowed me to explore new directions within my work. These presentations not only expanded my knowledge but also provided me with valuable information that I can apply to my ongoing research. This exchange of ideas and experiences was a pivotal aspect of the conference, providing me with a broader perspective and inspiring new possibilities for my work.

"The conference was well organised and the choice of location was great! I had the opportunity to visit Naples and explore its history, which was very insightful. I also enjoyed the authentic Italian food which did not disappoint!

"I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the SCI-RSC Rideal Trust and the RSC Research Development Grant for supporting my attendance at ECIS 2023. Their generous support not only enabled me to share my research with experts in my field but also facilitated invaluable networking opportunities, which would have otherwise been challenging to realise."

Adnan Chakra
PhD Student
Loughborough University

Loughborough University

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