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Nomination open: New SCI Formulation Forum Award


15 Nov 2018

The SCI Formulation Forum is pleased to announce the launch of a new award to recognise formulation innovations equally in both business and academia:
The Innovation in Formulation and Formulation Science Award. The award recognises class leading work where formulation innovation has delivered new solutions that lead and inspire the formulation community.

Submissions are invited from scientists, both in academia and industry, for formulation science and formulation related developments which are considered worthy of the Formulation and Formulation Science award.

Eligibility & Criteria: 

Work principally performed in the last 5 years. Teams or individuals worldwide can submit entries.
Finalists must register one or more team members for Formulation Forum: Disruptive Technologies by 9 January (up to 5 registrations per team are provided at the student rate).


In scope is the following but not limited toNew formulations, science related to formulation, processes which aid formulation design, processes which allow new structures to be produced (e.g. multiple emulsions), new measurement techniques (e.g. rheology, in situ imaging, etc), intelligent design, high throughput design and screening.


Finalists will be announced 9 January 2019 and will have to present their formulation innovation (poster and flash talk) at SCI’s Formulation Forum: Disruptive Technologies event and winner(s) will be selected jointly by the event participants and an expert panel.


To submit your application you must complete the application form found via the link at the bottom of the page and return this to awards@soci.org.

Application Deadline: 21 December 2018

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