Seligman Travel Bursary Recipient, Ozan Karatas, reports from France

12 July 2023

Ozan Karatas was awarded a Seligman APV Travel Bursary to attend the International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF14) in Nantes, France. Read his report below.

Ozan Karatas, Seligman Travel Bursary 2023"I attended the ICEF14 conference, held in Nantes, France between 19 and 23 June 2023, with the support of the SCI Seligman APV Travel Bursary.

"The title of my study was "Computational design and manufacturing of microwave systems for food processing", and it was accepted for poster presentation. In this study, the significance of mathematical modelling for (computational) manufacturing of microwave systems at lab-pilot-industrial scales was introduced. The computational models were first developed to determine the electromagnetic field distribution within the cavity and the resulting temperature evolution within the food products. Following the experimental validation studies in a commercial system, the models were further used to determine cavity dimensions and location of the magnetrons within the system for both pilot and industrial scale cases. A manufactured pilot-scale system, through my start-up company (IFTECH – established in 2020), was also presented in this poster presentation with on-site animations.

"The ICEF14 conference was well organised and I was lucky to have this opportunity to participate and meet world-renowned professors and young researchers and to learn new topics both in my field and in other food engineering disciplines. The "Process Modelling", "Digital Foods", "Thermal processing and optimisation 1-2" sessions were particularly exciting and the oral presentations in these sections broadened my horizon for future studies. Another good part of the conference was the well-organised lunches. The various dishes of the French cuisine were among the unforgettable memories.

"Finally, as I am getting closer to the end of my PhD studies, I am very happy to attend such a great conference and to look forward to collaborating with the people I have met in the future.

"I would like to thank the SCI Seligman committee for granting me the conference grant to participate in ICEF, one of the most prestigious conferences in Food Engineering. The only way for me to attend this conference was through the SCI Seligman APV Travel grant. Again, I would like to thank the entire SCI committee for giving me this chance."

Ozan Karatas
PhD Candidate

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