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Bitumen for Road Construction


18 Nov 2016

Bitumen is a complex visco-elastic material, derived from the hard end of the hydro-carbon spectrum, which is used as the binder in the majority of flexible road pavements since the demise of coal tar in the middle of the last century. The complexity allows for wide variation in properties, both naturally occurring and deliberately engineered, that leaves many engineers who regularly use the product confused about the myths and the truth. The aim of this seminar was to set out the position of bitumen as a useful engineering material that is key to an efficient road network in this and other countries.

Papers were presented reviewing the history, exploration and manufacture of the material, looking at its chemical and physical properties, its influence within downstream products, including recycled and its specification and testing.

Download a copy of the presentation here: 

The future of bitumen, Prof John Read, Shell International Petroleum Company, UK

Bitumen rheology, Dr Ian Lancaster, Nynas, UK

Eurobitume perspectives on bitumen manufacture and specification, Mr Mike Southern, Eurobitume, Belgium

Chemo-mechanics: The effect of surfactant structure and dosage on mechanical properties of emulsion-based paving materials, Dr Everett Crews, Ingevity, USA

Evaluating paving grade bitumen in relation with their properties, Dr Jean–Pascal Planche, Western Research Institute, USA

The MURE project: warm asphalt mixes and the multirecycling of reclaimed asphalt pavement, Dr Jean-Eric Poirier, Colas, France

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