A Look at the Development of Concrete Interlocking Paving 2011 Past Conference Papers

17 March 2011

A look at the Development of Concrete Interlocking Paving was held on 17 February 2011 and took place at SCI HQ, London. The subject of the lecture was on a special type of paver referred to as an 'interlocking concrete paver' or a 'segmental paver' which over the last 50 years has emerged as a very popular alternative to stone, brick, or clay for hardscaping.

Segmental pavers have been used for thousands of years. The Romans built roads with them that are still there. But it wasn't until the mid 1940s that pavers began to be produced out of concrete. Before the paver made from concrete was available either real stones or a clay product were used. The talk charted the development of paving from Roman roads to the modern day.

John Fifield, Cementitious Products Technical Advisor, CRH. John joined CRH in 1989 having worked for Tunnel Cement and Anchor Roof Tiles where he developed an innovative concrete roofing tile that was granted both the Millennium Innovation Award and the Queen's Awarad for Innovation. John has published several papers related to cement and cementitious products and is the named inventor on many patents and designs including concrete interlocking pavers.

Conference Papers:

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