Electrochem 2018 Event Preview

26 July 2018

Venue: University of Lancaster, UK
Date: Sunday 16 – Tuesday 18 September 2018

From energy generation to manufacturing new medicines, specialist chemicals to the automotive sector, the techniques of electrochemistry, electroanalysis, and electrochemical technology are essential to modern science and industry.

The 25th Anniversary of Electrochem celebrates this diversity of electrochemistry, covering detailed areas of topics such as electroanalysis, energy, and “Blue Skies” electrochemistry. As ever, this annual conference will bring together a mix of experts from industrial and academic research backgrounds.

Electrochem 2018 is for anybody with an interest in electrochemistry and electrochemical technology.

Keynote Speakers

Our Plenary Speakers are all confirmed RSC medal winners and include:

  • Professor Yang Shao-Horn, MIT
    Prof Shao-Horn is this year’s Faraday Medal winner. Her work focuses on electrochemical and photoelectrochemical energy storage and conversion, particularly in lithium storage.

  • Professor Frank Marken, University of Bath
    Prof Marken is the winner of the Geoffrey Barker Medal. His research areas include electrochemistry at carbon nanofibre electrodes and electrochemistry of cellulose, textile materials, and dyes.

  • Professor David Williams, University of Auckland
    Professor Williams will deliver the 25th Electrochem Lecture. Currently, he works on research areas such as electrochemistry and corrosion science, semiconducting oxides as gas sensors, and biomolecules at interfaces.

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