Agriculture is reaping benefits of technology

17 February 2020

Artificial Intelligence is helping India’s farmers prepare for the future.

24 January 2020

India is turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help it determine the inefficiencies in its national agricultural system as it faces the prospect of feeding 1.6 billion people by 2050.

The government has partnered with IBM using AI to develop its famers’ capabilities. IBM has an ongoing pilot study to use AI and satellite-based technology to monitor the country’s agricultural sector.

AI will be used to advise farmers on sowing, pest and input control. The technology will also be used to align agriculture with modern practices. For example, drones are being used to shoot capsules containing fertiliser and seeds into the soil and driverless tractors are carrying out automatic harvesting. In addition, wireless networks are helping farmers gather data from sensors in the fields.

The government has said that it will implement digital technologies to help farmers increase their income and transform Indian agriculture. AI has already helped farmers address some challenges. For example, it has been determined that while staple crops in the Punjab are rice, cotton, sugarcane and maize, the region is best suited for growing wheat.

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