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Introduction to Physical Organic Chemistry 2009 conference papers


This event was held on 17 September at Syngenta, Jealott's Hill and was organised by SCI's Young Chemists' Panel.

The focus of this one day taught course was to provide synthetic chemists with an introduction to the physical tools and methods available to determine and understand reaction kinetics. The presentations also examined the importance of Synthetic chemists gaining a mechanistic understanding of the reactions they conduct to allow optimisation and further development. One of the most powerful tools to do this is to analyse the kinetic profile of the reaction. A Case Study presented by Professor Alan Spivey, Imperial College London then exemplified the power of kinetic analysis in reaction development.

Conference Papers:

Delegate Feedback:

  • ‘Excellent subject matter, well presented’
  • ‘Excellent day.  Some good advice for my upcoming research’
  • ‘Great course.  Just the right level.’

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