Machine Learning: Are Machines Better than Humans?

Duration: 1:08 | 24 October 2017
Hermann Hauser

Are machines better than humans? That is the question Dr Hermann Hauser, co-founder of the ground-breaking computing company Acorn and later of Cambridge-based technology investors Amadeus Capital Partners, was tasked with addressing at SCI's public evening lecture on Wednesday 25 October 2017. 

In an insightful review of the progress in microprocessor and machine learning technology, Dr Hauser examined the areas in which computing technology had already surpassed the capabilities of humans, as well as those where humans still have the upper hand, providing a fascinating comparison between the human brain and manmade microprocessors.

Dr Hauser argued that, through the use of big data, a third wave of microprocessor architecture could enable computers to understand the world through constantly updated probability models, rather than by pre-programmed and deterministic binary rules. This will lead to a far more expansive and nuanced level of machine intelligence.

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