Past Recipients - David Miller Award

Year Recipient Project Title
Ece Imam Moustafa
NIAB East Malling & University of Essex
‘Improving cane crop resilience by overcoming the legacy effects on photosynthesis from short-term stresses (£500)
Noemie David-Rogeat
University of Nottingham
‘Knowledge exchange and African eggplant vendor mapping in Tanzania (£500)
Lauren Hibbert
University of Southampton
‘Developing watercress with improved phosphate use and optimisation for indoor vertical farming. (£500)
Jessie Sweetman
University of Bristol
‘PhD Title - Enhancing the stress tolerance and shelf life of horticultural crops through light quality manipulation. (£500)
Sophie Read
University of Reading
‘Towards Year-Round Production of UK Strawberries. (£500)
Keiri Swann
Reading University
‘Optimising the light recipe for maximum photosynthesis, yield and quality in strawberry. (£500)
Daire Carroll
University of Warwick/ James Hutton Institute
‘10th International Pseudomonas syringae Conference’ in Akureyri, Iceland 14-16 June 2021. Daire is a PhD student and will be presenting “The dynamics of rhizoplane colonisation: quantification the early stages of lettuce root colonisation by Pseudomonas fluorescens SBW25". As part of his PhD, Daire uses transparent soil and live imaging techniques to measure the factors that contribute to bacterial colonisation of roots. (£500)
Christina Conroy
‘36th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Chemical Ecology’ in Stellenbosch, South Africa 5-10 September 2021. Christina is a PhD student and will be presenting on her project titled, “Pushing’ towards a new integrated pest management strategy: Drosophila suzukii the search for new repellents”. As part of her PhD, Christina targets controlling the ‘winter morph’ of D. suzukii at the start of the growing season. (£500)
Juniper (Boroka) Kiss
Aberystwyth University/University of Exeter
‘Eighth International Banana Congress "Mega Trends of the banana industry: Is your company ready to face the changes from 2020?" in Miami 28-31 May 2019. Juniper is starting a PhD in September and is actively pursuing a career in plant sciences and crop protection. As part of a four-year-long PhD, Juniper will be collaborating with global banana producers, Waitrose and carrying out pot trials at the Eden Project, as well as field trials in Costa Rica using different intercropping and biological control methods against banana fusarium wilt. (£500)
Carlota Gonzalez Noguer
Reading University
‘International Conference on Integrative Plant Physiology, taking place between 27-29 October 2019 in Sitges (Spain). Carlota is a 2nd year PhD student and submitted the abstract: “Apple dormancy break in the context of climate change” with a specific focus on the impacts of climate change on apple dormancy and apple production in the United Kingdom. A poster will be presented at the conference. (£500)
Jack Rhodes
The Sainsbury Laboratory & John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park.
‘International Symposium on Plant Receptor Kinases, Beijing, China and the International Symposium on Plant Immunity, Nanjing, China. Jack submitted the abstract: “Understanding how plants are able to recognise and respond to disease: A request for support to attend International Symposia” and will present at both conferences. Jack’s research focus is to understand how diseases are differentially recognised and resisted in brassicaceous and solanaceous plants. (£500)
Stuart Edwards
University of Reading
‘Pest Control in Apple Orchards Under Future Climate Prediction’ – poster presentation at the European Congress of Entomolgy in Naples, Italy, July 2018, detailing mathematical modelling outputs showing the potential effects of seasonal asynchrony between pests and parasitoids of apple. (£500)
Juan Carlos
De la Concepcion

John Innes Centre, Norwich
'Structure-guided protein engineering extends immune receptor recognition to fungal effectors' – an oral presentation at the International Congress of Plant Pathology in Boston, Massachusetts, July 2018 (£500)
2017 Siobhan Gardiner
Cranfield University
'International Society of Horticultural Science (ISHS) symposium on survey of uses of plant genetic resources to the benefit of local populations (Madagascar): High-resolution RNA-seq analysis of Vanilla planfolia pods during the interim postharvest period', Madagascar (£500)
Floren Scrafton
University of Birmingham
'Investigating the potential for quinoa as a strategic crop for global food security', Bolivia (£500)
2016 Catherine Cutler
University of Exeter
'Learning specific, practical horticultural skills and gaining plant knowledge, to successfully grow Mediterranean climate Australian flora under protection in the UK', Australia (£500)
Carrie-Anne Twitchen
University of Reading
'Season extension and increased production of UK-grown strawberries', Quebec, Canada (£500)
2015 Benjamin Langendorf
University of York
'Pre-colonisation of strawberry planting materials with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to improve transplant growth and tolerance to soil-borne pathogens', 8th International Conference of Mycorrhiza, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA, 3 - 7 August 2015 (£250)
Idowu Joseph Rotifa
University of Edinburgh
'Novel approaches for the management of leaf and bud nematodes in hardy nursery stock', Tennessee, USA (£250)
2014 Antje Fiebig
University of Lancaster
'Feedback regulation of irrigation via soil moisture monitoring and its implication on plant growth and physiology', ISHS Congress, Brisbane, Australia, 17 - 22 August 2014 (£250)
Sebastian Eves-van den Akker
University of Leeds
'How can highly specialised endo-parasites have such broad host ranges?', International Congress on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, Rhodes, Greece, 6 - 10 July 2014 (£250)
2013 Amanda Hamilton
Reading University
'Bioassay for aphid pathogenic bacteria', Tunisia (£250)
2012 Emma Bennett
Reading University
'Gordon Research Conference on Plant Senescence', Stonehill College, Massachusetts, USA, 8 - 13 July 2012 (£250)
Scott Hayes
University of Bristol
International Congress on Plant Molecular Biology (IPMB), Jeju Island, South Korea, 21 - 26 October 2012 (£250)

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