Canada Medal Recipient, Richard Paton

23 April 2014

24 April 2014

The 2014 winner of the SCI Canada Medal is:

Richard Paton
Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

Richard Paton, awarded the 2014 Canada Medal, is the President and CEO of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC). CIAC provides strong leadership and plays a critical role in informing the economic, environmental, safety and societal approach undertaken by participants in chemical production and the industrial chemical marketplace.

Paton has provided strategic leadership for the last 17 years and is, in good measure, responsible for the success of and respect for the CIAC. An example of which, is that Canada, once again, led the world in raising the commitment level of Canadian Responsible Care® by redesigning the program and incorporating sustainability initiatives into its basic structure in 2010.

The CIAC 2012, three-year strategic plan (a process created by Paton) acknowledged that the conversion of biomass into industrial chemicals will become increasingly significant given Canada’s position in the diverse biomass feedstock and traditional petrochemical clusters.

Under Paton’s guidance, an outreach program of increased visibility within decision making circles is being implemented on an ongoing basis and has resulted in a continued growth in respect, from both politicians and civil servants, as well as, an improved understanding of chemical industry issues.

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